Our Responsibility

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Children are one of the greatest gifts that any family could have. Due to this fact, they have to be cherished and taken care of accordingly. Taking care of children includes discipline. Children are to be instructed until a certain age, then they can be advised.

I got a prompt to write about this when I heard a child talk about big brother Nigeria. Please why should a child watch such? This message isn’t for parents alone. If you have a sibling, cousin, nephew, niece or any child around you, ensure that they are doing the right thing. That quote “It takes a whole village to raise a child” isn’t a lie. Don’t neglect children or ignore their actions because they are not yours.

I realized that most attitudes that adults have are shaped during their childhood. It’s our responsibilities as leaders and above all human beings, to raise our children the way they should. The bible also admonishes us to train and instruct a child in the way of the Lord.

Explain things to your children and don’t think that flogging them would always be the solution. Know your child and the best kind of punishment to give, but above all focus on creating understanding. Don’t watch a child go bad wherever you find yourself. We want a better future for the generation yet to come. Our responsibility starts now!

In the Valley or at the top of the Mountain

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I believed I have missed you all. I have decided to share a short true life story with you today.

There was a man who was 40 years plus and had no job or house or wife. He was so frustrated that he wanted to kill himself. “What am I living for?” he said to himself. The very day he made the decision to commit suicide, he was met by a wonderful son of God who preached to him. He believed! He came to church the following Sunday and surrendered his life to Christ.

By Monday, he got a couple of missed calls and decided to return the call. It was a company that he had applied to over four years ago. Who keeps someone’s CV after four years? Well he was invited for an interview. During the interview, the interviewer casually asked him what church he attended and he said it. The interviewer was also a member of that church and that was it! He got the job and with an official car.

As a true child of God, you are to be at the top where your light will shine for all men to see. Remember that you are a city set on a hill that can’t be hidden and you are the light of the world. You are not destined to be low in the valley. Right now there may crisis all over the world and for someone reading this, you may be broke or with no job or whatever has stolen your joy. I want you to know that all God needs is for you to return if you’ve left him.If you are still on the path of righteousness, just keep at it. If you read the story well, you’ll notice that the man’s story changed in two days after he returned. What are you waiting for? Return! You are destined to be at the top of the mountain and not in the valley.Cheers!

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Do you know how amazing it will be if you are in charge of something? It means you have a sense of direction or that there’s something inside you that can be reckoned with; all of which should be seen as a privilege though. You were not born as a mediocre or someone who should shy away from being responsible. We are the light of the world as long as we are in Christ so we ought to shine so that God may be glorified in us.

In the book of Isaiah, a lot of benefits of salvation and putting God as the alpha in your life were mentioned. We need to understand that God wants us to be all that He has made us to be.Forget about economic situations and focus on God. Okay let’s get to it already!

Firstly, God asked if anyone was thirsty and that they could come have a drink. He didn’t mention that only white people or black people should come, He said anyone. So don’t belittle yourself or if it doesn’t look like you’re soaring in your place of assignment,just wait. God knows you and your time will definitely come. God needs to prepare you for where He is taking you because trust me,the assignment of God’s children is great.We serve a great God so He’ll give us the capacity to do His work.

In Isaiah 55:5, God said that we will command nations we don’t know and nations unknown to us will come running to us. Is there anything as precious as wisdom? God has deposited all that it takes for us to be great and it will unfold as the years go by. Humorously, a respected man of God I know said that some of us haven’t taken command of even our streets and we are proud. We need to be humble to follow God’s leading if we are going to be commanding great things in life that are beyond our imagination. God’s thoughts are way beyond the way we think, so the way He does His things will be way beyond our understanding.

God said in verse 11 of Isaiah 55, that His Word will always produce fruit, accomplish all that He wants it to, and prosper everywhere he sends it. Be rest assured that God’s got you covered. Whenever you feel like you are getting swamped and not sure of your future, go back to God’s Word and remember that you are not a local champion. We taking charge wherever we are and being responsible, brings glory to God. Rise up in Joy and in awe of who God has ordained you to be; a commander. Cheers!

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Have you ever stood at a bus stop waiting for the right bus to come? Maybe the bus that comes at a particular time isn’t so pretty or has seats that aren’t so fancy so you wait for the supposedly right one to come and you keep waiting till you are probably late. What i’ll like to share today is about seizing opportunities and being a go-getter.

Sometimes opportunities come in disguises and it takes a lot for many people to figure it out and some not so much. Are you the kind of person to wait for a perfect moment? I for one haven’t written in a while and I have a lot of things I would love to share but I honestly didn’t know where to start but you know what? I started somewhere and eventually will get to share what I can from time to time.

God doesn’t give you a push,He gives you His Word.He expects His Word to motivate you. Those last few words were in my journal and I thought about how we usually wait for a perfect moment with God or to do something for Him.Please seize whatever moment you have to do the right thing.

I for one like perfect things and would like to think that I can achieve things perfectly and whenever I don’t, I feel like I’ll break down. Just embrace yourself, your achievements, failures, your learning and growth processes. Don’t wait for perfect opportunities, seize a moment and make it perfect. Whatever decision you are struggling to make, wherever you are at now whether you like it or not, don’t wait for things to happen,make things happen.It’s just the way faith is obeying God to show that you believe Him. Remember, life is not about waiting for the storm to pass,it’s about learning to dance in the rain.


I was sitting in the church, watching this humbling drama, when something struck my soul. I had a choice to make on whatever I want as my life’s outcome and so do you. I sat there thinking about my mentor and how he had obeyed God’s calling on his life. Millions have been blessed because of one man’s choice and obedience. What choice have you made today?

God told us that there is life and death but we should choose life. There are many times in life we have to make choices; we make good choices and sometimes bad choices. In all that we do we learn from the choices that we make,while some don’t anyway.

There are destines tied to ours, so why must let our life be all about routines that will take us nowhere? Some people get bored easily because they are not busy doing the right things. The right thing for Mr A may not be the right thing for Mr B. Start to make the right choices even with the little things after all they count the most. I know that some good choices are not easy to make but their benefits outweigh their input.

Choose God, choose to obey your parents, choose to love your spouse, choose to use kind and peaceful words, choose the right company, choose to tell others about Jesus, choose to give thanks not complain,choose to treat people kindly, choose to be a giver,etc. Simply make right choices because your destiny is greater than your mind can grasp. Stay humble and connected to the Father(GOD), it’ll definitely help you to make right choices.


Love Himself made a decision one day.

I didn’t  create my lovers like this.

I wanted them to continually be a beautiful array,

every time I looked from Heaven.

Let me send someone to remind them that I am love

and would forever be the best lover they could ever know.

Aha! My lovers have you seen the one I sent?

His name is Jesus. Call Him Emmanuel(God is with us).

I sent Him to reconcile you to myself.

I don’t want to let you go.Let Him tell you the rest.

My name is Jesus, need I introduce myself?

I  came to save you and show you what love is.

I gave my life for you.

Have you had any other love like me?

I know you were not there when I came to visit,

that’s why I had my prophets write about it.

Many times you celebrate Easter and say you are celebrating me,

which is fine.

You even eat Easter eggs. I loved celebrations even while I was here,

but I would love you to celebrate me with understanding.

Do you know why?

I don’t want you to miss out the reason why I had to die and resurrect.

I came to make you beautiful and strong.

Sin makes you ugly and weak.

The real you is spirit and your body is like a container.

So I came to give your spirit life, no struggles just thirst for me.

Remember, I am the living water. We all love water right?

When I died, I saved you from eternal death.

That’s why I want you to believe in me.

A true lover always wants the one he loves around him.

I even let my Spirit come, so that he can be in all of you.

leading you on the right path.

I just had to die, resurrect and ascend.

I came so that you will have victory and take your place;

the place Our Father put you at the beginning.

He said that he wanted you all to have dominion over the earth.

I came to give it back to you.

Take it and manifest!

Yours Truly,

God the Father,Son and the Holy Spirit.


True Treasures

I was sitting in service and going through my Bible during the ministration of the Word, when I stumbled on a scripture. When I saw that scripture I just had to do a self examination of myself and, boom the topic came. Okay before I tell you what the scripture is, I would like you to know that deep understanding of the contents of this write-up cannot be over-emphasized.

Matthew 6:19-20,

“Don’t store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal.

Store up your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal.”

I rarely come across anyone that doesn’t like good things or to do well. Many times I go for evangelism and the first thing some people say is that they want money and not what I was giving. Our world today has been so blinded by the love of money and earthly treasures that they can kill for it, and go great lengths just to get it. Many have gotten it all wrong. Money is your slave not vice versa. If we know our true heritage, we wouldn’t be thinking the way we do sometimes. We are gods created by God in His own image and likeness. God said we perish for lack of knowledge and it is true. It’s so annoying what the world values today; the things that are outside is now more important than what is inside. If a lady’s makeup isn’t on fleek or a guy isn’t driving a nice car with a very nice job, then that makes them less than they really are…Really?

The Bible says that all that God does is just and good, and all His commandments are trustworthy. Serving God will give you access to more than earthly treasures. Take a cue from Psalm 112:1-3,

” How joyful are those who fear the Lord and delight in obeying His commands.

Their children will will be successful everywhere; an entire generation of godly people will be blessed.

They themselves will be wealthy, and their good deeds will last forever.”

Let us know that whatever God has said, His integrity is committed to seeing it happen because God cannot deny Himself. Several things that I have seen has made me realize how awesome God is in preserving what we have. Except God secures whatever we have, trust me it’ll all be in ruins before we know it. People’s mansions get burned down, others lose their health to sickness and so many other instances. So get on board with God because His commands are not grievous. Come lets store the true treasures together.

Please say a prayer for me, it’s my BIRTHDAY!!!


Have you ever come across someone who always does like they can make heaven and hell fall just because of a particular situation, but they don’t end up doing anything? In some other instances what the person does doesn’t have as much effect as you thought it would.

I have gone through some really tough times in life and many times I thought I would break but I didn’t. A long time ago I had this scary dream, I was walking through a dark place and something scary yelled in my face and I yelled back surprisingly. That being thought it could scare me and if I had yielded to that fear, that’ll be the end.

Many a time we go through battles that seem like we have reached the end but then we get out of that situation, it feels great to have survived. We are threatened by people and situations but I have good news for you; If God be for you, who can be against you. He’s your Jehovah Ebenezer. He is your ever present help in time of need. Don’t let any situation you are going through threaten you because God will never let you face what you can’t handle. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger right? Whenever i’m at my wits end I listen to a song titled “Live through it” by James Fortune and Fiya. It always helps to encourage yourself and be courageous. Remember that you are the child of the most High and the devil will only pounce on your ignorance. Show him what you are made of my dear friends. You are strong and can’t be threatened because even though we walk through the valley of shadow of death, we should fear no evil. Hallelujah.

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There is no one or hardly anyone that has come into this world that hasn’t failed at something except our role model- Jesus Christ. We as human beings are bound to make mistakes. We are not perfect but we working towards perfection. Some people always use the word failure on themselves or others without really knowing the meaning of failure.

Failure is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, and may be viewed as the opposite of success according to Wikipedia. Failure is not being able to meet the expected requirements for a task.

I would like us to remember that everyone was born with a different capability and gift. There are definitely things that lead to failure in a particular thing but to name someone a failure is very wrong and strong. Let’s assume I write a course and fail, and I write another course and I pass, does that make me a failure and a success.To one lecturer I may be no good but to another lecturer I am great. You see in every event in life you have your strengths and weaknesses but never tag yourself or let anyone tag you a failure. You see it’s very easy to always blame someone for failure but in truth you should rather accept it and see how to move on.

As I pondered on a perfect example from the Bible for this write-up many names popped up. My perfect example is Peter (the rock). Peter was an active and sold-out follower of Jesus Christ yet he denied Jesus in the time of adversity and trouble. Peter felt terrible but Jesus didn’t say ” oh! Peter you’ve failed me, upon all that I taught you, you’ve shamed me. What a total failure!” Jesus still said that Peter was the rock on which his church will be built. Let Jesus Christ be your perfect example for life really.

Accept people’s imperfections and just make sure you’re on the right path. Mind yourself first. Maybe your dad, mum, boss or someone you love has called you a failure, prove to them that it was just an event and try to be better at other things. You are ordained a success so be careful of the words you create. Peace.

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A few days ago I was sitting in the church listening to the words spoken by the servant of God when he mentioned something that reminded me of an experience I had. This experience led me to this topic and please note that my experiences are to help us all and are not fables. I don’t know how to create visions or dreams because all that is in God’s hands. Alrighhhht, i’ll cut the chase already.

I was asleep one day in my room at school, during my final year, when I had this strange dream. All I can remember from the dream is the most important part. I saw a witch and I tried binding her and speaking in tongues. Oh boy! That awkward moment when you’re wondering why your prayers are not working against the evil one. I was so shocked. She started laughing at me and I wondered why. She then told me that she knew my power level and that I was backsliding. She also said that she was coming for me soon and immediately I woke up. Sharp, sharp, I began to pray. That scared a whole lot out of me and it was past midnight.

Now, we have to decide to wait for things to happen or add weight to what we already have. If you are someone who exercises frequently, especially those that carry weight, you’ll know that getting the right body doesn’t happen in just one or two months. It’s something that is built over a period of time. You don’t wait for it to happen. You don’t wish for it to happen. You make it happen.

I would very much like us to begin to build up by looking for practical ways to be successful and better at whatever we do. In whatever you do as a matter of fact don’t stop aspiring to add more knowledge, acquire skill to whatever you already know. The truth is you won’t be a weight champion by just waiting and wishing. One’s prayer life is a very practical example, because the only language the enemy knows is power. If you are not constantly exercising yourself spiritually, you just derail. This puts you in trouble. What better way to start a new year deciding what you should get better at and pressing till you achieve it. Remember that if you wait, you waste ( asides things that require patience though). Have a blessed day.